Automation of utilization rate calculation

Changing the spot status automatically upon opening and completing the fault notification (service request)

If you monitor the utilization rate of your devices with the utilization monitoring feature, the workflow tool can significantly facilitate the process from the system's point of view (in terms of completing the service request and changing the status of the spot).

Since the utilization rate calculation is based on the status of the spot, the status of the device (spot) must be changed every time the device goes out of use (faulty/inactive) and every time the device starts to work again (active). Changing of the spot status can be automated using a workflow tool.

Before the workflow, the device must be assigned an usage schedule.

Automation can be configured in the workflow engine, so that when a fault report (service request) is opened AND the additional field for example "Caused product stoppage" value on the service request form is "yes" -> update the device status -> Faulty AND when the fault report is acknowledged, update the device status back to "In use" .

Watch here a short video about what kind of workflows (2 pcs) should be done with the workflow tool when you want to automate changes in the status of the spot that is the subject of a fault notification.

HubSpot Video