How do I transfer a folder in folder tree?

Transfer a folder and a branch of a folder tree to another location in the folder tree. Copying a folder tree

Moving a folder tree

You can easily move a folder location in the folder tree: click the folder you want to move and specify a new parent for the folder (that is, the folder whose subfolder becomes that folder). Save.

parent folder

You can also move entire branches, i.e. a folder and all its subfolders at once.

Copying the folder (tree)

You can copy the folder and its subfolders as well as the folder settings (device card, default service request type, default message type ...) In the folder tree view, press "Copy folder".
This function only copies the folders -NOT the spots.

copy folder

Then choose the folder you want to copy and then the level in the folder tree where the folder will be copied to (that is, which folder will be the subfolder of the entity to be copied).

copy folder from and to

Copying a folder also copies all its subfolders!