Creating a new service request and deleting a service request. Transfering a service request to a task

How to open a new fault notice and how to manage service requests

Creating a new service request

You can create a new service request in the Admin Portal either

  1. From the dashboard "Create new .." -> Create new service request (upper left corner)
  2. Manage Tasks -> Service Requests -> "+ New Service Request" (upper right corner)
  3. Directly from the Spot -> Service Requests -tab -> "New Service Request"
    First, select the type of service request you are about to submit. Selecting the service request type determines in which queue the new notification will be opened (admin specifies in the service request settings). The title of the service request must be written. The priority is urgent by default, but can be changed. If other mandatory fields have been created on the form by the administrator, they must also be filled in.
Service Request type Service Request Type Specifies the type of service request and its settings
Title Specifies the title of the service request that appears on the front page of the job queue: "What is the service request for?"
Priority Priority specifies the urgency class of the service request (high, medium, low)
Description A more detailed description of the service request (eg a more detailed description of the fault with a fault message)
Additional fields If necessary, additional information related to the service request (can be customized by the administrator for each form)
Status Specifies the status of the service request. The default mode is "Open" unless a responsibility role is specified. It is "Open" for as long as no responsibility role has been assigned to the service request. When either defined in the service request settings or configured by the work management, the service request changes to "In Progress". "Completed" when acknowledged as completed and completion comments are recorded in "Comment"-tab
Responsible Workers Specifies the mobile role in whose queue the service request should appear and who should be able to process the service request.
Completion comments Appears on the service request on both the mobile and the management portal for anyone who has the right to view the service request
Private comments Appear only on the Admin Portal to those who have permission to view the service request
Files Files (images, videos, etc) can be attached to a service request
Forward  Service Request can be forwarded from one queue to another

We recommend opening service requests from within the system if possible. This allows the service request to be linked directly to the spot in question and the service history to be directed to the correct device.

If the service request is opened from a public form, someone must link the possible device and the service request with Spot within the system.

Processing a service request

The service request can be opened either directly from the spot, from the service request tab or from the kanban of the service requests or from the table view by clicking on the title of the service request.
The status, priority, or responsibility workers of an individual service request can be modified in the management portal.

A task can be created for a service request. Open the service request and go to the Tasks tab. "Create a new task". Note that the task associated with the service request must be acknowledged before the service request itself can be acknowledged.

Deleting of service request

Only admin * (technical administrator) can delete service requests from the system. However, the manager user can modify the status of the service request and set the status of the service request to "Canceled".

Transferring a Service Request to a task

If you want to create a task from a service request and plan it sensibly for a certain user or role to be completed at a certain time, go to the "Transfer to task" tab and specify the task's information (you can also use the template or attach a form), specify the task's due date and responsible role.

If there was no spot attached to the service request, it should be attached to the task and Spotilla then links the original service request to the same spot.

transferring a s req to a task