Saved views

How to create, use or delete saved views?

The saved views in the datatables is a set of data stored in different search fields.

Saved views can be created, for example, in the task table view, the task kanban, the service request kanban or the service request table view, and in the various panels of the dashboard (here you can learn more about editing the dashboard)!

An administrator can create an unlimited number of different table views: global views that appear to all users in the table views of both spots, tasks, and service requests.

When creating a global view, just check the "Global view" box. If the administrator wants to force the global view as the default view, ie that the view will open by default when the user comes to the page, check the "Global default view" box.

Also, a manager user can create an unlimited number of saved views for themselves that are visible only to themselves.

Creating a saved view of datatable

  1. Create the data table view you want by displaying the columns you want and applying the filters you want. ( You can hide or bring to display colums by right-clicking datatable icon or by clicking any column header -> Choose applicable columns )
  2. Then press "Save View" -> "Create New View" -> Give the view a suitable name so that you know what kind of view it is afterwards and the saved views are easy and hassle-free to use.

Editing excisting view

You can also edit the views you've previously created: "Edit current view."
So when you edit a view, you can save the same view to match the settings you've just set for the view you're editing. You can also change the name of the saved view.

Deleting a saved view

To delete a view, follow these steps:

  1. Download view (select it from the list "Select saved view", choose the view you want to delete)
  2. Press "save view" -> "Edit current view"
  3. Press the "Delete" button
    edit current view