Creating task form fields

How to create task form fields and task form field settings

Task form is created by first creating the fields you want to bring to the task form, ie the questions / sections you want the person filling in the form to fill out. The type of field determines the format in which the form filler can enter data into the form.
The field type can be text, long text, number, drop-down menu, checkbox, or date.

input type

  1. Go to Tasks -> Task forms
  2. -> Task form filed keys -tab
  3. "+Create new field key"
  4. You may name the field freely
  5. Define field type (think what kind of answer do you want)

Creating a drop-down menu

If the field type is a drop-down menu, the user must select one of the drop-down menu values. Press the + button to create the desired values

field keys

Depending on the answer option, you can choose an icon that looks like each answer option, which will be printed on the pdf report of the task form.

If there are several values in the drop-down menu, it may be easier to create values in the "Enter values as list" list. Enter your answer options and separate them with a comma or line break (enter).

Note, that there can NOT be a comma in the field name itself!

Required field

When  adding the field to the task form, it can be specified whether the field is required to fill or optional.

The required field means that the field cannot be ignored without filling in the information.

task form required field