Customer data management in Spotilla

How to manage billing customers, site customers and their contact persons?

First, it is good to think about which customer-related information is important and what the customer information is intended to do. Is it important to save billing contact information? What for? What about destination contact information? Do individual spots require contact information?

You can build any kind of customer register in the folder tree, but if you want information from Spotilla to be imported into e.g. Netvisor, the information must be organized in Spotilla in a certain way.

The invoicing customer and administrative (invoicing and/or contract contact persons) must be saved using the "Customers" function in their Spot.


In spotilla, the customer means the company to which the device/item (spot), belongs. The customer is associated with official information, such as Y ID number, name, and administrative contact persons and their information can be associated with the customer.

The contact person associated with the customer is typically a contract or invoicing contact person. The device's or target's contact persons should be saved either in the target's folder ("target customer") or in the spot.


The contact information of the target customer (folder) can be stored in the folder using the device card of the folder's additional data fields, but this information will not be included in the invoicing material, which is compiled (invoicing) through the customer.


The device's contact persons can be saved in the spot's contact information, but this information has nothing to do with the customer or its contact persons. Read here how to create device contacts.