What are the Customers in Spotilla

How and when to use Customers

Customers function allows you to specify which folders in the folder tree belong to which "Customer". By doing this, all tasks and service requests made to the spots in that folder/those folders can be reported through the customer. The customer "collects" for itself all the jobs contained in the folders attached to it.

In addition, work orders can be created for and linked to customers, in which case the work (tasks) performed on these work orders is automatically reported behind the customer.

The reporting can therefore be considered:
  • Through the customer
  • Through work orders and related tasks linked to the customer
The customer is typically
  • Customer for whom services are provided on a contractual basis
  • Internal customer, usually eg "organization" or "Cost center"

Customers function is not mandatory to use. It is used when you want to get reporting to customers. In this case, customers are first created, which folders belong to the customer are defined, and then the reporting works automatically.

It is possible to enter Customers' contact information and contact persons in the system. The same contact person can be attached to more than one customer.

Customers cannot be processed in mobile application, but only customer work orders and related tasks.