What should be considered when defining a folder tree?

Defining a folder tree

Defining the folder tree is the admin user's first task and is done from Assets and Content -> Folder tree 

Consider when planning folder structures:

  • on the basis of the folders, the device cards of the devices are also defined (only one device card can be attached to one folder, which is used by all the devices placed inside that folder. For example, all Small tools should be created in the "Small tools" folder to which the device card of the small talls is attached)
  • user rights so that user roles get rights to the folders in the folder tree, i.e. if there is a need to limit rights, it is done with the help of folders.
  • in addition, when tasks are created later, similar tasks can easily be created for all devices in one folder. Therefore, a very typical way to sort and organize devices in the folder tree is by device group.

All spots inside the folder (devices, objects, etc.) use the same device card model attached to the folder.

When we talk about about the "Device card" in this article, it means the top-level "template" that is attached to the folder (-> which defines the device card of ALL devices that come into the folder, i.e. spots).
If you want to know how to create a device card for an individual device, read this article on how to add a new device in Spotilla.

Permissions to folders are inherited downwards, i.e. when you give a user access rights to a top-level folder, the user automatically also gets rights to the folders below this folder and the devices/objects located in them.

We recommend: In folder structures, we have found that the top level is the company name as a good operating model. After that, the next level is, for example, the locations where the company's equipment, warehouses or properties are located. After this, the next level would be device types/equipment groups or properties. If it is real estate, this would also include device types/equipment groups.

In practice, the folder tree structure is slightly different for each customer.

Each device must have a folder. That's why building the folder tree is a primary task during onboarding together with the definition of device cards. However, if you wish, you can create new folder structures at any time.