How to create field keys to a service request (ie faulty notification) form?

Creating fields to a public form (ie faulty notice)

The faulty notification form, the process most often implemented with the service request function in Spotilla and the related form, may contain the desired data fields that the user must fill in when submitting a new report.

Required fields on a service request (e.g., faulty notice form cannot be changed. Mandatory fields are "Name" (name of the notifier), "Title" (name / description of the fault message [for example "engine makes a strange noise"]). An email address (public form only) is also required. (Note that the notifier can enter any e-mail address here. That is, one that does not exist: in this case, the specified excitation e-mails, for example from a ready-made bug report, will not be received.)

The allowed types of additional information fields for service requests (such as a bug report) are:

  • Short text field
  • Long text field
  • Number
  • Checkbox
  • Drop-down menu
  • Date
  1. Create the desired data fields in the service request settings on the "Field keys" tab.
  2. Go to the "Service Request Categories" tab and from there to the service request type you want (click on the name of the service request type) to edit. You can specify the additional data fields you want, their mandatory nature and their order.


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