Folder information

Information about folder

All data regarding folder is optional except folder name. It it strongly recommended to attach a device card to a folder though. Other folder definitions are to make Spotilla easier to use as end user.

Field Definition
Name* Name of the folder is mandatory, but name can be anything you want. Can be seen in folder tree.
Description Specifying information about folder
Device Card Defines spots device card in this folder. (Not mandatory, but highly recommended to attach!) Only one kind of device card (template) can be attached to a folder
Tag Folder can be attached to a tag. When reading the tag in the mobile device a folder opens.
Parent** Defines folders position in folder tree (parent folder).
Default message type Applies certain message type as a default message type for the spots in this folder
Default service request type Applies certain service request type as a default for the spots in this folder
Device card for the extra information fields Defines extra information fields to a folder. Rarely in use. On default there is only one information field in folder: "Description"
Files Images and files can be attached to a folder (.pdf, .xls, .docx, etc.)

*) mandatory field

**) "mandatory field" -if parent folder is not defined Spotilla will create a folder to the root (not recommended)