How do email and push notifications for service requests work?

Who receives the notifications and in which cases?

Service requests will trigger two types of notifications in Spotilla:

  • Push notification in the mobile application to all those in the "responsible" role for that service request
  • Email notifications according to service request settings

In the mobile app, subscribing to PUSH notifications is managed through the "Notification Settings" page found behind the "Profile" page.

On the Notification Settings page, the mobile user can control in which Spotilla events he wants to receive push notifications.

This setting can be defined by each user of the mobile application and cannot be overridden by the administrator.

The e-mail notifications settings for the entire service requests function in the management portal determine in which cases the submission / processing of a service request causes an e-mail notification to be sent and to whom (the requester / responder) the notification is sent in each case.

Only the situations in which messages are sent are defined here. Addresses for notifications are defined by service request types, on the "Service request types" tab on the page for defining each service request type.