How do I remove a disabled device from Spotilla?

Spot disabling correctly instead of deleting a spot

When you want to remove a Spot from the device register, you should change its status from the Spot data.

  1. Open the spot device card :  status => "deleted" 
  2. "Save"

spot status deleted

In this way, the Spot is removed from the spot listing, but remains visible in all tasks, service requests and messages made for the spot.

We strongly recommend to perform like this so you still have the maintenance history available for a certain spot even if the device itself is not in use anymore.

If, on the other hand, the Spot is created incorrectly / unnecessarily into Spotilla and does not involve any functionality such as tasks or service requests and you want to delete the spot and all its data from the database:

  1. Go to Assetts, Devices and Tools (spot datatable)
  2. Go to Default table -tab
  3. Click the red trash can on the right side of the datatable. (You may do this only if you have permits to "delete", usually manager user does NOT have this right, but technical admin can do this)

    deleting a spot