How do I see the completed tasks and who they were completed by?

Task listing and filtering, table views and filtering table views in the management portal

General: Under the Events heading, you can view different table views, for example, by task / service request status, by time, by folder, or even by spot. You can list messages by message type or list costs.

In this example, we go through the filtering of the table view of the tasks, but the filtering possibilities are very similar e.g. service requests and messages.
You can use one or more filters to create a table view.

For example, I want to know who has completed a task that was completed during April-June.

Go to Events -> Tasks.
Set filters on the right: set the status of the tasks to be retrieved.
(Here: click "Filter")

Set any other filters you want. You can filter tasks by time, for example: start date of completion 1.4.2020 and end date of completion date 30.6.2020.

Press "Filter".

If you wish, you can run this data in Excel by clicking "Download: XLS" at the bottom left