How does cost recording and monitoring work in Spotilla?

Cost recording for the task or spot and cost monitoring

You can record costs for the spot either directly in the spot's data or when completing the task in the management portal. This feature is used, for example, to record the costs of work or spare parts.

If a cost for the employee has been determined (in the user details), the costs of the person performing the work can also be recorded on the spot.
price of a worker

If your organization uses the Products and Warehouse add-on, the cost of the product is automatically saved to the spot when the product is used in a task (provided that a price has been defined for the product).

Recording the cost when completing  a task

When completing the task, one can open the "Costs" tab (if not visible on the task, look behind the three dots)

cost of the task

Then press "Create a new cost" and enter the name and value of the cost.

Give the cost a name, e.g. "spare part xxx" or "filter replacement work" and enter the value. You can also post costs in the past or the future (date of the cost). Click "Create a new cost". You can create several different costs for the same spot, for example the price of replacement work and the price of a spare part.

If you have a warehouse and the products module is in use and a sales price has been defined for the product, the cost of the product is also stored in the spot when you use the product for a task.

Adding the cost from the spot

You get to see the costs for an individual device on the spot details:
Go to the spot and the "Costs" tab. (If the tab is not visible, press three dots)

You can add a new cost by pressing "Create new cost".

Table view of costs

You can see all recorded costs in the Costs page

costs table view

You can filter the view with any column value, i.e. you can view costs e.g. per folder or customer or, for example, based on time and spot.

You can also post costs from this view from the top right by pressing "New cost"

You can filter the view with the filters on the right side:

  • based on the name of the expense (or part of it) ("item name includes")
  • by folder or spot name ("items and devices")
  • by factor (i.e. cost accountant) ("factor includes")
  • time-based according to dates