How does NFC-tags and QR-codes work in Spotilla® ?

Tagging devices and attaching to spots

You can get NFC Tags or QR codes from the supplier of your choice. NFC tags and QR codes must first be entered into the service via the management portal before they can be used with the mobile application.

When an NFC Tag is attached to a device / item / equipment, the device is always identified easily by reading the tag or with a Tag Number.  No two or more devices with the same name can be mixed.

The easiest way to attach the tag to a spot is done with mobile application, but can be attached from  management portal as well. 

In a mobile application

the tag is attached to the device as follows:

  1. find the spot you want to attach the tag to
  2. press the "tag" link (on the left side of the device name)
    attaching the tag to a spot
  3. Then either:
    1. select the tag surface number that is on the tag that will be attached to that device from the drop-down menu. (All available tags appear in the drop-down menu) OR
    2. press "Read NFC" and read the tag with your mobile device NFC reader  OR
    3. press "Read QR" and read the QR code from the tag surface

read nfc

In the management portal

tagging takes place in spot editing mode or tag editing mode.

Either: (Folder icon) Assets, devices, tools -> Select the desired spot -> "Tag" -> Select the correct tag number from the drop-down menu and "Save"

Or: (Folder icon) Tags -> Press Pen icon on the wanted surface number row -> Select that spot  or folder from drop-down-menu. "Save". (admin only)

In the management portal the tag can be attached to a folder or warehouse slot as well!

How do QR codes work?

In Spotilla® you can use the QR codes you print yourself in the service or get suitable QR code stickers from us. In order for a QR code to function as a device identifier in Spotilla, the character string used to generate the QR code must be a 16-character string.

Here are examples of suitable QR code records:


In Spotilla, this series of numbers is placed in the "internal code" data field of the "Tags" record. In the "Surface number" field you can enter the information you want (eg A00001, if the sticker with the QR code would also contain the surface number A00001).

You can create QR codes with both free and paid apps. Here is a link to a free QR code generation app that lets you create QR codes for yourself that you use in Spotilla as device identifiers.

What to consider in QR codes?

QR codes are well suited for places where a label or similar on which the QR code is printed is not exposed to physical stress or demanding conditions.

If you want to use both NFC tags and QR codes, you can order tags from us that are suitable for your circumstances and environment, which include both types of tags. Here's a link to an article which advices you on what kind of tag should you choose.