How do task templates work?

Task templates makes it easy to create and clarify the creating of maintenance programs

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"Task Templates" defines templates of tasks that can be used when creating tasks or group tasks. The task template is defined with the task name, description, and frequency settings, so that when you use the task template to create a new task, the above information is automatically set for the new task.

Task Template = The underlying definition of the maintenance program is:

  • What to do (task name and description)
  • How to do (for example, checklist [task form])
  • How often to do (frequency settings)

For example, the "Ventilation unit annual maintenance" task template defines the settings for the ventilation unit's annual maintenance and then does not need to be redefined when creating a new task. Another advantage of task templates is that all tasks created with the task template are updated if the information in the task template is changed.

Virtually all preventive maintenance program tasks should be set up through a task template to make it easy to manage the tasks as a whole. You should also always create a task template if more than one device is going to get a similar task.

For example, in a situation where a maintenance program for ventilation machines or hand fire extinguishers is defined, it always makes sense to first create a separate task base for both of them.

If some hand fire extinguishers are outdoors and some are indoor and therefore the inspection or maintenance interval is different, the "Hand fire extinguisher maintenance task, indoor fire extinguisher" and "Hand fire extinguisher maintenance tasks, outdoor fire extinguisher" task templates shall be created separately.

The advantages of the task templates are:

  • To harmonize job definitions
  • Makes it easier to define new jobs
  • Produces better reporting when all work is documented in the same way
  • Makes it easier to change the description for work for many tasks at the same time