How does the task forms work

How to create a task form and in which cases should you use task forms

A task form is a form defined by any administrator for any task that contains defined mandatory or optional data fields that the user must complete in order to complete the task.

If the task uses a task template, the task cannot be completed without completing the task form as required.

Typical use cases for task forms are:

  • Maintenance reports
  • Inspection reports
  • Proceedings
  • Data collection (eg meter readings)

Creating a task form

See a short video how to create a task form.

HubSpot Video

The "normal" task can be completed by the user with the push of a button, and no information other than who performed the task and when is logged into the system.

The task form can be used to ensure that for each task to be performed, the task performer must produce exactly the information that is required.

For tasks that are configured to use task forms, a PDF report is generated in the system in case you choose it to be generated. The PDF report can be configured to automatically send to desired email addresses.

Once the task forms have been created, you can configure the task template to use the task form. You can also configure an individual task to use a task form.


If you use a task form to collect some information, you can list the values ​​entered on the forms: Tasks -> Datatables -> Task form data
Choose the task form.

task form data

You can also import form values ​​into Excel for further processing
(bottom left "Download: XLS")