How the user roles work in Spotilla

How to create a user role and how do they work

User roles have two important functions in Spotilla service:

  1. User roles define who has the right to see the content and make changes to the content, as well as create new content.
  2. User roles act as responsible roles in the tasks and service requests that Spotilla establishes (so defines the work queues where tasks and service request are supposed to be)

    Only the Spotilla Administrator ID ("Admin") is not part of the user role. All other users belong to at least one user role to be able to use Spotilla.

    In the management of user roles, clarity and simplicity should be sought so that the user management and managing of rights does not become cumbersome due to its complexity.

Consider how many different rights (permissions) you need for content and create just the number of different roles that give you access to the content.

Consider how many different responsibilities you have in handling bug reports or tasks and create only the necessary number of roles for the responsibilities

Only a Spotilla Administrator account can be used to create new user roles or edit existing user roles.

See this article for how roles are created