How to change user password or email address (user ID)

If the user's password change doesn't work or their email address is incorrect

If a user account has been created for the user, he or she can reset the password himself or herself both at the login address ( or on the login page of the mobile application.
A password reset link will be sent to the user via email.

If the user's email address is incorrect, the only way to fix it is to edit the user account by the administrator.

  1. Log in to the spotilla service with administrator credentials
  2. Press List of Users
  3. Open the right user account by clicking the user name in the user list
  4. Change the e-mail address to correct / create a new password either manually (remember the rules of a sufficiently secure password) or by pressing "Random generate password" and press "Update changes and send login information to user by"
  5. The user can then log in with the correct email, provided he or she knows his or her password. If you also need to change the password, you can change the password for both the mobile application and the browser environment in the same view.
  6. If the so-called dummy e-mail, so be sure to send users information that the e-mail address has been changed and the password changed (if changed). Instruct the user to change the password to a new one at the first login. Remind user about the password requirements (at least 8 characters, at least 1 CAPITAL letter, at least 1 special character, and at least 1 number).