How to create a device card (template)?

Creating device cards and attributes

When we talk about "Device Card" in this article, we mean the top-level "template" that is attached to the folder (-> which defines the device card for ALL devices that come in the adjacent folder).

To learn how to create a device card for an individual device, read this article on how to create a new device to your Spotilla service.


Device cards in  Spotilla are used for two purposes:

Device cards defines the type of data fields that devices placed in that folder will contain

  • Device cards are folder-specific (the same device card can be used in more than one folder) and determine which data fields the devices in that folder have and / or, for folders, what additional data fields there are in that folder.

Device cards define additional information fields in a folder

  • By default, each folder has a "Name" and a "Description". For example, to add address information to "Property" type folders, create a device card named "Property Details" and set it as the "Device Card for the extra Information Fields".

See a short video about creating a device card and attributes:

HubSpot Video

Before creating a device card you need to create attributes for the device card.


When you want to give device information, ie an attribute that has not yet been set up in the system, you must create a new attribute.

New device data fields, or attributes, are created with administrator credentials from the Assetts and Content menu (or folder icon)--> Attributes tab under the Folder tree --> Attributes. Click "Create New Attribute" at the top right. Give the attribute a name. A tick in the Default Attribute box means that that attribute is generated for each new device that you create.

We recommend that attributes shall be created based on the device cards you design first. In practice, attributes are used with device cards, so it doesn’t make sense to set up attributes before designing device cards. When you know which attributes will be used on a device card, it makes sense to create the attributes.

Define a type for the attribute. This determines what information can be entered in the "Value" field of the attribute. This also determines what kind of input on the mobile opens as standard when you start entering data into the field.

  • Text = field where you can enter any number or letter
  • Date = only accepts data in date format
  • Number = only accepts numbers
  • email address = field is in the form of email address
  • Drop-down menu = Lists the desired options in the "drop-down menu options" field. Only one of these options can be selected as the value for that attribute
  • Link = forms a clickable link

    Finally, press the green "Save" button.

Note that Spotilla allows creating so-called "wild" devices in folders that do not have a device card defined. In this case, the Attribute can be used directly on devices. This use case applies to exceptional situations where many different devices come in the same folder and a device card cannot be assigned to them. We do not recommend this course of action without in-depth reflection.


Device cards are created by the administrator under the Assets and Content menu: Folder tree --> Device Cards tab. Press "Create New device card" in the upper right corner.

Give the device card a name and description
(for example Name: "Vehicle Device Card" Description: "Used in vehicle folders")

Next, press "Add New Device Card Field". Add the fields (attributes) of the device card that you want to use with the devices for which you are creating the device card. If you want, in the Folders where the device card acts as the device card for the spots, select the folders already created on the devices on which you want to use the device card that you are creating.

You can attach exactly the data fields you want to the device card. You can create the system attributes yourself, ie the data fields that you then use with the device card. The most common property and equipment attributes are pre-loaded into the system, but you can create these yourself indefinitely as needed.

In the "Folders where this card defines the folder extra information fields" field, you can specify the folders where you want this Device Card to define additional (extra) information fields for folder.

Finally, press "Save".

You can list spots quickly and conveniently with device cards.
Go to Assets, Devices, Tools -> Select "List by Device Card" tab and choose wanted device card and  Spotilla will bring up a table view of all the spots that use that device card.

choose device card first