How to create a new user account?

Instructions to admin how to create a new user account to Spotilla

See a short video about creating a new user account:

HubSpot Video
  1. Log in to the administration portal with administrator credentials. 
  2. Go to "Manage user accounts"--> "List of users".
  3. Click "Create new user account". 
    new user account
  4. Fill in the user information: name, e-mail and company.
    Email address defined here is your user account = login credentials. You can use any e-mail as e-mail, for example, but note that if the e-mail is not correct, a not existing e-mail, e-mail alerts or other notifications will not be received either. It is also difficult to verify the actual person performing the tasks if you log in with a public email address (this is why we do not recommend these "general user accounts").
  5. It is then determined whether this user will use Spotilla only on a mobile device or also a browser application and create the necessary permissions on either the mobile or the browser or both. It is pointless to create IDs in the browser application if the user only uses mobile and vice versa.

Read here more about differences between mobile and browser credentials.

Only admin credentials can be used to create new credentials!!

If you use Spotilla for resourcing, you can set a daily work time for the user. The system provides 7.5 h for weekdays by default. If you are not using resourcing, skip over, leave the default working time for the user.

Mobile application credentials

With a mobile app credentials, you can log in to Spotilla application on a mobile device.
mobile credentials
When creating an account, you can use a pre-generated password "Random generate password" - the system automatically creates a strong enough password for the user. You can also set the same password for the admin portal  credentials than mobile credentials by clicking "Set the same password for both applications".

If you create your own password, remember the password rules!

A strong enough password has at least 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase letter, at least 1 special character, and at least 1 number.

The PIN code must be a 4-digit number. The PIN code should be set here, although it is not usually required for use, because once you log in to the mobile application, you do not need to log out.
This is the case when the phone is for personal use and the phone has some other form of authentication, such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition or the phone's own PIN / lock code.

The PIN code cannot be set to 0000
The same PIN code can be in the system only once, ie you cannot enter the same as another user. Therefore, we recommend you to choose a completely random number combination. 

Assign a user to as many mobile roles as necessary.
Click the box "Permissions (roles) in the mobile application" and tick the box in valid role(s).
(these roles determine what the user sees on the mobile and what doesn't). Remember, that you need to give permissions to user in order him/her to be able to see any devices in any folder.

When you press "Create new user account", the service will email the user a username, password and customer name that must be entered when logging in to the mobile app (unless you use the QR code you get from the management portal to log in).

Admin portal credentials "Manager credentials"

When creating a manager ID, or management portal or browser application right, create the password, define the language  setting of the management portal, and reassign the user to the required roles.

The previously mentioned password rules apply here too, or you can also use an auto-generated password.

With the green "create user account and sen login information to user by" button, the service will email a link to the login page and a username and password that will allow you to log in to the browser application.

admin portal credentials