How to manage Service Request in the management portal?

Managing a Service Request (for example, a fault notice, quality deviation, safety report or development proposal) in the management portal

Open the service request and press "Edit". You can open the Service request either:

  1. From the Dashboard by  clicking the Service Request title in Service Request Listing
  2. Service requests: select the Service Request from Kanban by clicking on the service request title OR
  3.  directly from the spot: service request tab 

Managing a service request and attaching Service Request to a spot

You can edit the service request title, priority (low / medium / high), Status and responsibility, and Service Request Description. If the service request has been submitted on an external, public form, it has not been targeted to any spot. However, this alignment should be done if possible.

Search for the spot in question under "Choose the Spot to which the request is addressed" by entering, for example, the name of the spot or part of it. Spotilla provides search results.

You can attach an attachment (for example, an image), a processing note (for example, "under construction", "spare part ordered", etc.) or an internal comment (for example, "customer requested fast processing") to the service request. The internal comment does not appear on the mobile or anywhere else outside portal.
Make the desired changes and "Update Service Request".

If the service request settings defines that the service request should only appear on the management portal until, for example, the work management "divides the work" to a responsible party (using a mobile application), then the "Responsible person" section is empty. When the management selects one of the mobile roles under "Responsible workers", the service request appears to the mobile application for the users attached to this defined role.

Acknowledgment of service request completed

(Open the service request as described earlier)

Under "Status and Responsibility", change the status to "Completed". Before you may complete your service request (Update the status to "Completed"), you need to write a comment (mandatory!) on Comments tab according to your organization's internal guidelines.

If tasks have been attached to a service request, all tasks must be completed before the service request can be completed.

Also: when all the tasks attached to a service request has been completed, you still need to complete the service request.

Forwarding a service request

If you want to forward the service request to another service request type (for example, "Fault notice"-type of service request --> "Electrical fault notices"-type of service request), open the service request to be transferred.

Go to the Forward tab and select the type of service request to which you want to forward the service request.

Now the status of the original service request changes to forwarded ("Forwarded") and the new service request is in the "Pending" state until it is acknowledged.