How to create multiple devices into Spotilla

Learn how to create multiple spots at the same time. Excel import for spots

Creating multiple spots

You can create multiple spots at the same time by copying and pasting directly from Excel (the columns in Excel must be in the same order as on the device card!) or by saving excel to a your computer and exporting from there.

See a short video "How to import multiple spots with excel"

HubSpot Video
  1. Go to Assetts, Devices and Tools --> "List by device card"
  2. Choose the device card the folder is using (the folder you are importing to)
  3. Click "Export view for excel import"
    excel import for spots
  4. Create spots to excel and fill in all device data you want to import. Save to your computer.
  5. Then go back to Spotilla and click "Import from Excel"

  6. Choose the floder you want to import the spots to

select the spots folder

You may choose to include spots current value in the table as well. You may also choose to import only current value data.

Then  either select the file you just created and saved to your computer or copy and paste the data from excel: check that the colums are in the same order on the device card than in your excel where you are copying data from.
import from excel columns


Copy the date from your excel and click ONCE the first field and paste.