How to report work?

Reporting of preventive maintenance tasks and other completed tasks


All work performed ("tasks") can be reported in Excel format (or in PDF reports, if task form is attached to a task)

Filter Completed Tasks first (or the tasks you want based on the status of the task).

task status reporting-1

In the task table view, you can filter any column according to the information by typing Searchable value in the search field below the column header.

In this example, all completed tasks whose due date is between June 1st and August 30th, 2021 are filtered (based on time).

task reporting filtering

If you want to export this list (data table) of tasks to Excel, press the (green) "Export view to excel" button.

If you run the same report from Spotilla often, you should create a saved view, which allows you to always restore the settings of a specific table view. Here's more about saved views.

PDF-reporting of completed tasks

In order to generate a PDF-report of the completed tasks, a task form must be created(made by the admin user) and attached to the task, which must be filled in prior the task is completed. Read here how the task forms are defined.

Regarding the PDF report, an icon can be defined separately for each data field to be printed on the report based on the information the user enters into the form. By using different icons in reports, the reader of the report is made to pay attention to the desired inspection points.

PDF reports can be defined to be sent automatically to desired e-mail addresses, or the address can be defined when performing a task. All created reports are also stored in Spotilla and easily searched from the browser interface.

Task form data

The data from the task form can also be reported. The data for the fields of the task form can be found in the table Tasks  page -> Table view -> "Task form data"-tab -> Select the task form. (Filtering based on task status = completed)

task form data1


See here How to use charts.