How to sign-in to Spotilla?

Instructions to help you log in to Spotilla with the mobile app

The easiest way to log in with mobile application is to log in with QR-code. You have received a QR code in your email or you may generate one in manager portal (if you have also manager credentials to Spotilla).
Download Spotilla application to your mobile device. (Play Store for Android device or Apple Store for iOs device.)

log in with qr

Logging in is done by opening the Spotilla application. You will receive a username, a password and customer information in your e-mail nad a QR code. If you haven't received these yet, first check your spam folder and then ask your organization's administrator.

Just click "QR-CODE LOGIN" and read the QR code was sent to you.

Alternatively you may log in by inputting your credentials manually. Your username is usually your email address. Customer information is entered in the "Customer" field. You only need to enter this information the first time you log in, and sometimes, for example, after installing updates.

NOTE! The password must be changed the first time you log in. The password must contain at least:

- one capital letter AND
- one number AND
- one special character AND
- total 8 characters or more

If the same person is both a manager user and a mobile user, they must have their own ID for both roles by the administrator. This is a security feature of the service


A new easier way to log into Spotilla application is  just to read a QR code (sent to your email) with your Spotilla app.

If the same person is both a manager user and a mobile user, you can also: 
log in to the management portal with manager IDs, go to your own user profile (upper right corner) and press "Generate QR code". Then open the app with Spot on your mobile device, click "Log in with QR code" and read the QR code you just created in the management portal.

Admin can send the QR code for a mobile user from "Manage user accounts".