How to use charts?

How do I create desired graphics with the configurations?

Charts tab can be found in these main menu views

  • Objects, equipment and equipment ("Spots")
  • Tasks
  • Customers

Graphical reports work according to the following principle

  • Load "datatable" (e.g. task datatable view)
  • Set the filters you want to view, or load a saved view
  • Then go to Charts tab
  • The reports will be loaded now with filters based on the data you specify
  • You can now select options for drawing charts
  • Finally, press "Generate Chart" to draw a chart
  • You can also save the chart you drew so you'll have it right away the next time


Value Select a data point criterion such as "number" or "hours worked"
Group by Choose for example "Created at" or "Completion date"
Frequency Choose a day, a week, a month or a year
Top values Choose how many data points to describe (always put the sum 10.000 if you know there are many data points)
Generate Chart Drawing a chart and updating the chart after making adjustments