How do I monitor the status of service requests and work queues?

Kanban board and table view of service requests

You can easily monitor the current status of service requests from the service requests Kanban board (Work management -> Service requests). On the Kanban board, you can easily see which jobs are open and which are being processed and which jobs have been completed in the recent past.

Please note that you can view service requests by work queue, i.e. by service request type, i.e. you can view only e.g. "Error report" type service requests. Or you can filter the view of service requests with kanban using a folder, if you want to view, for example, the work of one specific department (provided that the department is a folder).

If you want to view service requests as a whole/take reports on completed service requests, you should do it on the "Table view" tab, where all service requests that have been opened and completed in Spotilla are listed. Remember that you can save table views of data that you view frequently. Learn more about creating saved views here.

In order to change status of a service requestfrom "In Progress" to "Completed" you can do it with drag and drop but you must add:
1) at least one comment AND
2) all tasks attached to the service request as completed

sreq kanban-1

All open and pending service requests are loaded into the Kanban view, but only service requests completed in the previous 30 days are loaded into the "completed" column. If you want to search for information on all completed service requests, select the table view.

Explanations to icons

A flame indicates that a lot is happening on service request "Something wrong with belt": 
5 comments have already been left on the service request. The number inside the speech bubble indicates the number of comments left on the service request.

The service request "FIlter must be changed" has 1 task, of which 1 has yet to be done. The task is late, the ball is red when the task due date is gone. The ball would be green, if the task would still be in time.

Two yellow horizontal lines/two blue downwards arrows/two red upwards arrows in the upper right corner of the service request ticket indicate the priority of the service request:

high priohigh priority

medium priomedium priority

low prio     low priority