Location of the spot on the map

How do I see my device's location on the map on my mobile?

There are several ways to see the location of your device in a mobile application:

  • On the "Map" page of the submenu, you can see on the map all devices that have been assigned either a fixed location or have been tagged on a mobile device with GPS positioning enabled
  • On the "List" page of the submenu, each device that has a location defined has a map link icon on the upper right corner. Clicking the icon opens the location of that device fixed location -if defined. If fixed location is not defined it will show the latest Tag reading event -if GPS tracking is enabled.
  • In the device info view (spot device card) "Show location on map"
    location on map

  • The "Read Events" button also shows all read events and the map link in the event

    If any record associated with a reading event shows "Not Available," it means that the user of the mobile application has not granted Spotilla application a permission to use the device's GPS sensor data or that the user has not enabled the GPS feature on their mobile device.