Managing Product Balances

How to update product balances

You can use Excel to update the product balances of several products at once. 

See a short video how to update product amounts with excel.

HubSpot Video
  1. First, find out the warehouse name and warehouse slot where the product is stored
  2. Then go to the Products tab of the Products page, import the table view of the products into Excel by pressing "Export view for excel import"
  3. Open excel
  4. Fill in the warehouse, storage slot and number of products (total) in the Excel columns AC, AD and AE. Save excel to your computer.

    NOTE that the warehouse and storage location must be written EXACTLY THE SAME WAY in Spotilla and Excel.
  5. Go back to Spotilla, on the Products tab, press "Import from excel"
  6. Press "Select excel file" and download the updated excel from the computer. Check from the preview that you are bringing the right things. If it looks right, press "Save"