Location of assets and devices on the map

How does the map view work?

Assets, devices and tools have two types of location information:

  • A fixed location set for an object from the management portal
  • GPS coordinate information of the device based on a reading event made with a mobile application

If a fixed location is set for the device, this fixed location is always displayed in the spot by default. The location based on the reading event can still be checked through the management portal.

All devices (to which the user has permissions to) can be seen in the map view on the "Map" tab of the "Assets, devices, tools" view of the management portal.

If you want to restrict only a part of the devices to the map, use the search field above the upper left corner of the map. Choose whether to search by spot name, by folder name or customer name, and then search the search box.

map search by spot

Items are loaded onto the map in stages, meaning that if there are several hundred spots, it will take some tens of seconds to load.

spot map view
You may see the spot details even in the map view by clicking the spot on the map.


Tag reading events are viewed through the "Read events" menu, where all reading events on each individual device and the location of these reading events can be reported, provided the user has GPS enabled on their mobile device and has allowed Spot to access GPS sensor data.

In the mobile application, the location of the device is seen in two ways

In the submenu Devices list, each device with a location contains a map link icon that, when pressed, opens the location of that device (displays a fixed location, if any, or the most recent location based on a reading event
In the device data view, "read events" via the softkey shows all read events and a map link
If any record related to a reading event shows "Not available", it means that the user of the mobile application has not given Spot permission to use the device's GPS sensor data or the user has not used the GPS function on their mobile device.