What are message types?

How to use message types?

The message type is a classifying separator for the different data that is recorded in Spotilla.
For example, message type "Maintenance log entry" can be easily distinguished from "Meter reading" type messages.

Consider first, what kind of data different devices collects and create the different message types you need. It makes sense to think about this from a reporting perspective.

The Messages feature allows to define both the types of messages required by users to enter information, such as "logbook entry", but also information to be imported in integrations, such as "temperature reading" to Spotilla.

By creating different message types for different data, the administrator ensures high-quality reporting and easy access to information.

In both the mobile application and the management portal, all information entered can be filtered by view according to message types.

Message types are created by the administrator in the management portal.

message type

The message type is given a clear name by which users identify what kind of information is logged. The description includes a brief description of what the message type means or what it was created for in the system (this description is for admin users).