What are messages? What to use them for?

Maintenance log, meter reading, spare parts order

The Messages function allows all Spots (assetts, devices, tools, equipment and destinations) to record classified information about various events.

Messages do not have acknowledgment functionality or timing, but are information recorded for items that are categorized by message types.

It is possible to configure messages to be triggered by email and can be viewed both from the administration portal and via mobile. Messages are used, for example, to make warnings and notifications, and to communicate with other users. The user of the mobile application will receive a PUSH notification whenever a new message is added to any device.

Typical message types include:

  • Maintenance Logbook entry
  • Meter reading
  • Repair report
  • Deviation information

The customer administrator defines the message types to be used.

The message type can be defined as the default message type in a folder, so that when a message is left in the mobile and management portal, the user is automatically offered the desired message type for the devices in that folder.

Messages left with different message types can be browsed and reported on the Messages page. You can search / filter messages by any message value (message type / spot / folder / creation date / author)

We recommend that the administrator should specify the message types to use and set the desired message type as the default message type for the correct folders to make it easier for users to use the service.

Messages are used to communicate with other users about device-related issues and, for example, to record and report meter readings or make logbook entries. It is possible to set e-mail alerts when composing messages. Messages are saved and left behind on your device on your Spot unless you delete them, creating historical data.

For example, by browsing the messages in the "Logbook" message type, you can view the device's failure history and conclude that the device requires a more thorough repair or replacement. Messages do not have an acknowledgment function.

The definition of email-related alarms is explained here.

Messages can be created both from the mobile app and through the management portal.

Message listing

Go to the Messages page and filter by the information you want. You can search for a single message by its name, you can list all messages of a certain message type (e.g. all log entries), by time, or even all messages left in spots within a specific folder.

message filtering

You can also export the view you filtered to Excel "Export view to Excel" or create a saved view for the listings you view frequently.

Click here to learn more about saved views.