Creating a new task in mobile application

How to create a new task in the mobile app. How to create a task for a work order.

The task can be created in the mobile application either:

  1. From the spot (from the spot device card): + More -> Add task (this is the recommended way)
  2. From the "Home" page (home page) "+ Add" -> Add Task
  3. "Tasks" -> "+ Add"

add a task











Mandatory information when creating a task are:

  1. the name of the task
  2. the spot name the task is assigned to
  3. to which responsible role the task is assigned
  4. the deadline of the task

By default, the due date is the current day and the responsibility role is the user's own username, but can be changed to any mobile role the user belongs to.

You can (and should) use the task template to create a new task. If the required template is not available, you can still attach a task form to the task.

If you use a task template to create a task, you do not have to enter the name of the task or a possible description of the task, they will automatically come from the task template.

Finally, press "Create task".

Linking a task to a work order on a mobile

If you want to link a task to a work order on a mobile, you must create the task via the work order.

  1. Todo -> Work Orders
  2. Select the work order to which the task to be created belongs
  3. "+ Create task for this work order"
  4. The rest as above