How to use Notifications feature?

Spotilla has two types of notifcations:

  • Spot Notification
  • General notification

Spot notification

The spot notification is left on the device, the purpose of which is to inform the operator/user of the device/target (spot) that there is something special about the spot.

For example: a notification can be left on the device stating that the next time the device is serviced, a part must be replaced during the service. When this notification exists on the device, and the user is creating a new task for the device, he sees that there are valid notifications for the device.

The device notice is always related to a device (Spot). The spot notification can be used to define when the device notification is active - that is, when it is displayed on a spot.

When creating a new task for the device, it is shown that the device has active notifications, which the user should check when defining a new task.

General notification

A general notification is a message that can be scheduled to be sent at a desired moment to all desired mobile users. You can also set a validity period for the bulletin, i.e. how long it will be displayed in the mobile application. Regarding the bulletin, it is possible to see in real time which users have acknowledged the bulletin as read and which have not yet read it.

The right to send notifications is defined by user roles. The admin user gives the desired roles the right to create notifications- after which the users belonging to the role can send


The general notification has a title and content text that are displayed to the mobile user. The notification date means the moment when the push notification about the annoncement is sent to the user and when it appears in the mobile application.

Read log

From the management portal, manager user can see which users have read the announcement and which have not.

  1. Go to " Notifications"
  2. Click open the notification whose reading events you want to view
  3. Press the "Read log" button

Note that there own tab for users who have read the notification in question and for users who have not read the notification