Creating products and Importing products with Excel

How to create a single product and how to import multiple products (spare parts) into Spotilla. How to export product from Spotilla

Creating a single product

  1. Go to the Products page, "Products" tab
  2. Press in the upper right corner: "Create a new product"
  3. Give the product a name, a (unique!) product ID (e.g. supplier's part number, etc.) and assign a product category to the product. Other product information is optional
  4. You can attach files to the product or link to the product's spot (for example, a spare part used on the device). This link is for information only, i.e. it shows on the device (i.e. on the spot) which spare parts are used for that device and on the other hand it also shows on the product which all devices use this spare part.

There has to be at least one category created in Spotilla in order for you to import the products into the system. So, before importing products, you must create at least one product category.

If you also want an initial balance for the imported product, you must also define the warehouse and storage location for the product, which means that they must also be created before importing the products to Spotilla.

Product categories

  1. First, go to "Manage warehouses" -> "Products"
  2. Create a product category either from the product settings tab "Create a new product category" or by creating the first product and from the product you create a new category.

Product excel import

Create an excel where the products are listed, either manually, so that the columns are in the same order as in the product listing, or by exporting the Product listing to Excel "Export view to excel" (remember to delete column A and clear the cells when exporting NEW products!).

There are two ways to introduce new products on your Spot:

  1. copy-paste (copy and paste):
    Create the desired products in Excel and fill in the desired product information. Copy the lines (Ctrl + C), i.e. the products, that you want to export to Spotilla and press "Import from excel". Paste the things you copied by clicking on the first column once and "paste" (Ctrl + V)
  2. "Import from excel". -> "Choose an excel file"-> Choose the excel with the products to be imported and their information. -> "Save"


Please note that the product ID is unique, i.e. the product information (including balances) is updated on the spot based on this information.

 Adding a product to balances in connection with excel import

You can now also import the product balance as product information when you either import products from Excel or copy and paste from Excel. It happens as follows:

create an excel (or export from Spotilla using the instructions above) with the following columns in this particular order:

  • Name*
  • Storage unit
  • Code (UNIQUE!)
  • Status
  • Product category
  • Product information 1....
  • ....
  • ...Product information 10
  • Length
  • Height
  • Width
  • Measure unit
  • Weight
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer and vendors info
  • Warehouse alert limit
  • Count only weekdays
  • Buy price    
  • Sell price    
  • Reservation daily price    
  • Warehouse  
  • Warehouse slot    
  • No. of products