Route tasks

What does maintenance route task mean and how to attach multiple spots on one task?

Route maintenance means a task to which a list of targets (i.e. a route) is attached, which are targets of the task. The objects are Spots, i.e. devices, equipment, etc.

With route maintenance, several actions can be defined for each spot, which must be performed for them when the task is performed. Things can be the same or they can be different things at each target (spot) of the route.

Remember ,that you can also do route maintenance using the task template. You can create a task template for which the route is defined. This speeds up the work if you often create a task with the same route.

Creating a route maintenance task is completely similar to creating a regular task. Start creating the task and select the "Maintenance route" tab from the menu of the tasks window.

maintenance route-1

After that, define the targets (spots) of the route.

For each item you can

  • Define unlimited things that should be done with them
  • Decide whether it is optional or mandatory to perform/fill in
  • When the route is executed, the user can enter the information for each target 

route maintenance targets