How to search a device (spot) in mobile application?

Different ways of searching a spot in the mobile application

searching spot

The easiest way to find the device in the mobile application is to read the NFC tag with your mobile device NFC reader, but if you don't have tags in use or you're pnly just joining the tag to a spot, you can search for the spot in mobile in three ways:

  1. press the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and enter the name of the spot or part of it (at least 3 characters) in the search field. The search brings up all the spots whose name contains the word or part of the word you are searching for OR
  2. From the home page, browse through the folders "Browse folders and spots" to the right spot OR
  3. select the device from the list "List" on the page (all the spots in the service are listed here in alphabetical order, so if you have hundreds or thousands of spots, we recommend applying in some other way)

    (OR if you use tags, but for some reason you can't read the tag
  4. enter the surface number of the tag in the search field (magnifying glass) and press the search button)

    If you have tags enabled, you only read the tag when you are on the "Home" page with your mobile device either with an NFC chip reader or a QR code reader. Please note that NFC chip readers are often very small and are located in different locations on different phone models. Here is more about reading tags.