How to process a service request in mobile application

Processing a Service Request

Once a service request has been submitted and a responsible user role has been defined, the service request will appear in the mobile application to those users who belong to responsible user role either the observer or editor role.

The service request is processed by pressing the service request, after which its detailed information is displayed. The image below shows a service request that has already been processed and commented.

"Processing comments" (how many comments on this service request) this might indicate that someone is working on this service request already and
"Last comment at:" when the latest comments was written. 

sreq last comment

The pictures below explains the actions and shows a detailed view of the service request.

forward s req
"Complete" -> completes the service request (and changes the status of the service request to "Completed"
"Actions" -> "Forward service request" -> means a function where the responsible user can transfer the service request to another service request category or another responsible party (for example, work management or quality function). The original service request is marked as "forwarded".

sreq processing comments

Processing comments: to add a comment press + button on Processing comments:
"Add comment" -> means to make a processing entry/write remarkssreq add a task

It is possible to add a task to a service request. Click "+" on "Tasks". Create a task.

All tasks linked to service request must be completed first before completing a service request.



pp editor
Observer see the eye icon in the upper right corner of the service request (as shown) and editors see the tool icon.
pp katselija-2