Service Request Public Forms

Collecting Notices Using Public Forms and Configuring Public Forms

It can be defined an unlimited number of different forms for collecting different notifications in Spotilla. Public forms can be used even when the user does not have credentials for your Spotilla service.

The basic form is at This form does not list devices (spots) in your environment. Which all service requests are displayed on this form is determined by each service request type.

In addition to this, you can create your own public forms in Spotilla ( ), which can be used to:

  • list the desired devices (spots) so that the notifier can choose which device the notification is related to
  • the form can be "hidden" behind a password.

Own forms are created by the admin user in the service request settings on the "Public forms" tab.

  1. Click "Create new public form"
  2. Give the form an address 
  3. Define a password for the form
  4. Define the folder you want to list to the form