Why does Spotilla log me out automatically?

How to change settings for session length to prevent logging out and site update frequency

The administrator can adjust the session length (the time after which Spotilla automatically logs the user out), if / when she has not performed any actions in Spotilla and the freqency for updating the site

Remember that limiting session length is a security feature. If you set the session length to "never logout" for certain users, these users will never be logged out of Spotilla. Such a setting should never be made for a user who uses Spotilla from unknown workstations.

This feature is mainly intended for workstations/devices on the production floor of the factory, which never leave the site and which are logged in with a shared access code, the password of which is unknown to the users.

By default, timeout and Logout occurs after 30 min of inactivity.

The session length setting can be seen by the main user of the service behind the "Service settings" menu (on the Service settings tab)

session lengthYou can define which user account gets this setting.