How to create a spot

How to create a new spot and spot details

Creating a spot

  1. Go to: "Assets, devices, tools"
  2. Press "+ Create new spot"
  3. Name the spot
  4. Specify a folder
  5. (fill in the device card values and other information if you wish - you can fill in these later as well)
  6. "Create a new spot"

The name of the spot

We recommend to give the spot a descriptive (and preferably an unique) name. Here’s more on good naming practices.

Spot status

When you create a spot, its status is automatically "Active". This means that the spot is active in the device register and thus appears in all spot lists and table views and can be assigned functions such as tasks.

When the device is not in use anymore and should be removed from device registry, the spot status should be set to "Deleted". In this way, the maintenance history and device information related to the spot are stored in the database and the information can be checked afterwards, but the spot is still removed from the device lists in the device register.


The tag is most often attached to the spot (but can also be attached to a folder). The tag can be attached to the spot either from the management portal or from the mobile (the folder can only be tagged from the management portal).

Tagging (joining the tag to a spot)

Here's how to easily attach tag to a spot with your mobile device.

Here's how to attach a tag to a spot in browser.

Fixed location

You can assign a fixed location to the spot on the map. If a location is defined for a spot, the tasks assigned to it are displayed in the map view.

Current value calculation

If you know the spot depreciation method, invest value and time, and depreciation / use time, the system calculates the present value of the device.


You can attach attachments to the spot: various files, documents, images, manuals, excels ... You can drag them directly from the Windows file manager, for example. The maximum size of a single file is 100 mb.

spot details