New task form view

Defining a task form


task form definitions

Name Name of the task form
Status Sets the status of the form. When status = Not in use -> Form may be edited. When you want to use the form on task, you need to set the status to "In use". When form is not to be used anymore, the status should be set to "deleted".
Section ordinal number Defines the order of the sections
Form sections Task from is saved by the sections. It is recommended to form a task form section by section especially when the task form is long /has lots of field keys.
Title Sections title is shown in the beginning of a task section
Attachment in use Defines if an attachment may be attached to a task form
Fill multiple times Adds a form for the same task multiple times.
Field keys Task Form questions or checklist items. It can be specified as mandatory, ie that the person filling the form has to fill out a field