How a task form in use can be edited?

Copying and editing a task form, task form status

If the task form is not already in use for any of the tasks, or the status of the task form status is "Not in use", you can edit the task form in question directly.

You must first create the necessary new additional fields or edit existing ones (Tasks -> Task Forms -> Task Form Field keys tab) and then add them to the task form.

If you want to "test" a new task form:

  1. set the form you created to "In use".
  2. Create a task for yourself on your mobile by pressing the + button on the tasks tab. Select the task form you just created from the drop-down menu and specify the spot for which the task will be created and create the task.
  3. Complete the task and fill out the form. If you still want to edit the form, delete the task you just completed and then you can change the status of the form -> "Not in use" and edit the form again.
If you want to edit a task form that is already in use in the task (the form is already in use with several correct tasks completed), you must edit a copy of the original task form.
  1. create the required new task form fields / edit existing fields. (Tasks -> Task Forms -> Task Form Fields Tab).
  2. Once the required fields have been created, the original or editable task form is copied on the "Task Forms" tab by opening the task form by clicking on the the name of the form.
  3. Changes are made to the copy of the task form: make the necessary changes to the form and press "create task form".
  4. The system names the new, copied task form “Copy of original job form name”, but the task form can be renamed.
  5. If the original task form is in use on the task template and you want to replace it with a new, modified version, the task form must be replaced with the task template.

It is advisable to change the status of the task form "In use" -> "Deleted" and rename the old form, eg DO NOT USE, etc. - it cannot be deleted if there are active tasks / tasks completed in the system that use the task form in question

When completing a task, it is selected to generate a pdf report of the task OR the pdf settings specify that a pdf report is created whenever the task is completed, the pdf is automatically saved behind the spot and can be viewed on both the mobile and management portal.

In the management portal, you can view a pdf report either from the list of completed tasks (either in table view or kanban) or from behind a single spot.

You can edit the settings in a task report PDF report, even if the form itself is already in use for tasks.

However, the layout of the report will not change retroactively to reports that have already been created.  To future open tasks that have already been created. and the form is attached, a report with a new look is generated.