Reporting the maintenance to a customer

Task form and Styling of PDF-report. How to report used spare parts and a single device maintenance to a customer?

When you want to create a separate report for the customer (e.g. the maintenance company's own customer) about the individual work performed (which reports the things done within the work, i.e. the items on the checklist), a task form must be created. Click here for more information on how the task forms work.

For the PDF report, we can style the report in the PDF settings of the assignment form.

Go to Tasks -> Task Forms -> Open Task Form -> PDF Settings-tab

  What does it mean? What happens?
Default to addresses An default email address where the PDF-report shoulbe send everytime it is created can be defined
Mail the report to the current user Sends the email to the user who is filling out the form and completing the task (and creating the PDF)
Create the PDF report every time Creates the PDF-report automatically everytime the task form is filled out and task completed
Include work log entries If  work hours is logged on the task this will include the work hours automatically to the report
Include comments If comment are written to the task, this will include the comments on the report automatically
Include used products If spareparts (products) are used on the task  this will include the used spareparts on the report automatically
Include billing information
(internal reference, customer reference, task number)
Brings the tasks billing information to the report
Include task images in report Brings the images attached to the task to the report 
Display sections in a single column It can be chosen if there is a single or two columns on the report
Display label and value in line Shows the data field of the form and the value entered for it on the same line (by default it goes to its own lines)
Show asset folder It can be chosen if the spots folder is shown on the report or not
Compressed layout  All data on the report will be compressed to the minimum amount of pages
Additional text You may add text to the report. It will be printed to the second last page of the report.
Report logo You may add a logo to a report
Custom PDF File name You may customize the name of the pdf file
PDF report headers You may define the report headers
Device card fields in the report You may bring deivce card information to the report (ie serial number of the device)
Styling options You may style the report sheet to your liking