Tasks Kanban

How to follow up work progress? Status of different kind of tasks (preventive maintenance tasks, scheduled maintenance tasks, check up tasks...)

How does the task kanban work?

From the Kanban board view, you can monitor the status of the tasks at hand at a glance. Kanban's visuality facilitates work management and you can easily change the status of the task with the Drag & Drop function. You can change the state of the following tasks by dragging:

  • From "Open" state to "In progress" state (if the task executor [user] is not defined, it must be defined here)
  • From the "In progress" state to the "In review" mode (if it was specified when creating the task that the task in question must be reviewed), you must click "Send for review" (and the reviewer HAS to write review comments)

task kanban

The text field below each status is freely editable and you can create a "own name" instead of the "default task status" if you want (for example, the status "In review" can mean "Invoicing" and you want to close the task from the system only when the maintenance task has gone to billing)

Task statuses


Tasks with a due date within the next 90 days will appear on the Kanban in "open" status.

When a task is moved from open to running in one way or another, it is possible to assign the actual task executor (user) to the task.

When the status of the task is open, Kanban displays:
*task name
*responsible role
*possible executor (user)
*task due date
*how long until the due date (days)
*does the assignment include an assignment form?
*does the task relate to a work order (below)

When you move the mouse cursor over the work order icon, Spotilla shows the work order number/label to which the task is related.
open tasks


You cannot move the task to "Late"-status yourself, but the system automatically moves it to "Late"-status, when the task is late, i.e. not completed by the due date.


If a task form is attached a task, it will show an icon of task form  on the right side of the task. When you hover the cursor over the task form icon, you will see the name of the task form associated with the task.

In progress

When you move a task from open or overdue status to "Running" status, you can set the task to be performed by a user belonging to the individual task's responsibility role. This way, the task is visible to everyone who belongs to the responsible role, but everyone knows that the work is actually being done by a certain maintenance man.

In review

If, when creating the task, it has been specified that the task must be reviewed before it can be acknowledged as complete, the task will move to the status when the work is acknowledged as "Mark as completed" during the check.


When the task is completed, Kanban shows:
*a green check mark in front of the task name, which indicates that the task has been completed
*for which spot the task is done
*which user completed the task
*what was the due date of the task
*the day it was completed (circled)
*did the task involve a task form or a work order

The background color of the completion date indicates whether the task was acknowledged on time (gray background with due date) or late (red background with due date)

Tasks that have been completed in the last 30 days will be displayed under Completed Tasks.

On hold

If the status of the device is set to "Faulty" or "Not in use", the tasks are automatically put on hold. When the spot's status is changed back to "Active", the task will go back to either "Open" or "Late".