The differences between user accounts

The most common functions and what you can do with each user credentials

Action / Subject Admin (browser) Manager (Browser) Mobile (Android, iOS)
Creating a new assett, device or tool Yes Yes* Yes*
Editing device data Yes Yes* Yes*
Defining preventive maintenance tasks (task templates) Yes - -
Creating a task Yes Yes Yes
Creating a task form Yes - -
Completing a task -** Yes Yes
Using product on tasks - Yes**** Yes****
Creating a Service Request*** Yes Yes Yes
Processing and managing Service Requests - Yes -
Completing and commenting Service Requests - Yes Yes
Cancelling / destroying a Service Request Yes Yes -
Adding attachments/files to a spot Yes Yes* Yes*
Deleting spot attachments/files Yes Yes -
Adding messages to a spot Yes Yes* Yes*
Making and viewing reservations Yes Yes Yes*
Creating work flows Yes - -
Creating Usage Schedules for Usability monitoring Yes - -

* Yes, if the user role has permission to create / edit
** An administrator (admin ID) cannot be held accountable for a task
*** Service requests can be made by anyone, even without Spot IDs, via a public form
****Yes, if the user belongs to a role which gives permissions to warehouses