Warehouse in Spotilla

How does the warehouse in spotilla work

Warehouses act as places where product balances are managed. The Spotilla must have at least one (1) warehouse in order for balances to be created for the products.

Each warehouse must have a warehouse slot collection. A warehouse slot collection refers to the naming of locations in a warehouse. You can decide for yourself what the definition of places is - it can be based on the actual storehouse of the physical world or you can come up with it.

Example 1
All vans containing the products used by the installers are used as warehouses. Creating the storage location definition "Van".  Only one (1) storage location will be created for this storage location specification, which will be named "Location 1".

Now, for example, 10 warehouses can be created (car 1, car 2, etc.) and each of them uses the "Van" warehouse slot collection, ie each of them has one (1) warehouse slot collection in use - each with its own.


Example 2

The company has two warehouses, "Helsinki" and "Oulu".
A separate warehouse slot collection will be created for both, because the Helsinki warehouse has 25 locations and only 10 in Oulu. The Oulu warehouse uses the Oulu warehouse slot collection and the Helsinki warehouse uses the Helsinki warehouse slot collection.

Once the warehouse slot collections have been created, a warehouse can be created.
Mandatory information for the warehouse is:

  • Name of the warehouse
  • Warehouse address
  • Warehouse slot collections

    Other data fields in the warehouse are optional.

Warehouse operations

Once a warehouse is set up, balances can be created for it from products that have been set up in the product register. Once balances have been established, operations can be performed from the warehouse that are:

  • Purchase into warehouse
  • Sale from warehouse
  • Transfer between warehouses
  • Transfer to the reservation destination (site / project)

    In addition, products in stock can be used for tasks
  • Use from warehouse