How to use Warehouses?

What kind of action can be made in warehouses and how do they work

Purchase into warehouse

Purchase into warehouse are made on the Warehouse balances tab. The purchase defines the product, the quantity of the product to be purchased, the% discount on the purchase price and defines the warehouse and storage location where the product is purchased. When a product is purchased into stock, the warehouse balances page shows the increased balance for that stock. The Inventory Transactions tab shows the transaction information.

Sell from warehouse

Sell from warehouse can be made either via the "Sell from warehouse" soft key or from the "Actions" button displayed in the stock balance line, in which case from a single stock is sold. I sell one product at a time, but a product can be sold from multiple stocks at once. The stock balance decreases when products are sold from there. The Inventory Transactions tab shows the transaction information.


In the inventory, the product balance is increased or decreased. You can increase/decrease the balances of one warehouse but several products at once. A description can be recorded for transactions, ie an explanation of why the product balance is being inventoried.

Transfer functions

Transfer between

Products can be moved between warehouses. You can move one product from one warehouse to several destination warehouses at one time. Balances change according to the transfers made.

Transfer to reservation site

Products can be transferred from the warehouse to the object of reservation, i.e. typically to a construction site or project ("Reservation"). When the products are transferred to the booking destination, the balance in the stock decreases and the balance at the booking destination increases.

If a cost for reservations has been defined for the products ("Daily Price of Reservation"), the object will start accruing a cost for the product transferred there. The accrual of costs shall begin on the date on which the transfer is recorded.

These costs are displayed in the "Product Billing" views of the "Reservations" view in the main menu.

Return to warehouse

When you want to transfer product transfers (Reservations) back to the warehouse, the transfer function to the warehouse is used. In this case, the reservation destination is selected for the products to be processed, after which one or more products can be partially or completely returned to the warehouse.

When the products are returned to the warehouse, the accumulation of costs ends.

For example, if the booking destination has 50 products and 25 of them are returned, the following will happen:

- Billing for 50 products ends on the day the return was posted
- Invoicing in 25 copies starts from the above - mentioned return date (because there are still 25 products in the reservation destination).