What is a Service Request in Spotilla?

What the Service Request is and how does it work and when to use

In Spotilla service, anything that a user reports and that another user has to deal with can be modeled as a service request.

Typical service requests include:

  • Fault message for maintenance
  • Quality deviation or equivalent
  • Repair suggestion to maintenance management
  • Kaizen, Lean or 5s notice
  • Work order

    Mechanic with wrenches in pocket at the repair garage-2

Necessary additional information fields can be defined for service request. You may also define their order and mandatory for each different type of service request.

Each different type of service request can be an address in a different queue, that is, they can have separate viewing and processing rights.

The service request always includes the following statuses in the service:

Open -> submitted notification that does not yet have a handler/responsible worker assigned
In progress -> a notification with a handler specified
Completed->  a notification that has been acknowledged as completed

The status of the service request can be also:

Forwarded -> a notification that has been moved from the original to another job queue
Canceled -> a notification that was canceled by responsible management

service request kanban view

Special features for service requests in Spotilla 

  • A service request is a functionality that can be used to monitor, for example, the turnaround time of a fault repair. Spot counts down the time from the moment the notification is made (i.e. the service request is opened on Spot) to the moment it is acknowledged as complete.
  • Also , it can be reported that how long time went from opening the ticket until its was delegated to some responsible role and was shifted from open-status to in progress-status and how much time it took from ticket opening to first comment on a ticket etc.
  • The service request feature is connected to the public form company.spotilla.fi/tiketti, which is a website through which anyone who knows this address can submit all the notifications that the administrator has allowed to be submitted through the public form. -so also without a username on Spot.
  • The ticket can be used, for example, for the observations of production cleaners or to report fault reports from the municipality's residents.
  • A service request may be opened even if notifier does not know the exact device/target/destination (spot) in your registry (unless if the admin user has defined it mandatory to attach the spot)
  • an email can be sent from service request and emails can be received to the service request

Service Request and Communication

The service request feature is accompanied by a communication tab. 

A service request can be:

  • send an e-mail from the service request to the desired parties (e.g. order maintenance work related to the service request from a subcontractor) --> The recipient receives an e-mail and a link from which they can reply back to the sender
  • The answer is visible inside the service request and can still be answered
  • You can also send messages to completely new recipients

If the service request communication feature is used, the admin user should put a tick in the service request settings to "when the message has been answered" (on the Service Request Settings tab), so that the manager user receives a message when the message is answered.

Read more about defining service request types and service request settings here.