What is a Spot? How do I find a Spot in the system?

This article explains what a Spot is, how to search for a Spot and data regarding the spot and how to edit Spot data on mobile and management portal.

Equipment, machines, devices and other items and different kind of assets controlled in Spotilla are referred to in the system as "Spot." For example, a Spot can also mean a person (in the personnel register), a chemical (in the chemical register) or even a contract. So you can build any kind of registry in Spotilla.

In the management portal, devices and device information are searched for and browsed under "Assets, Devices and Tools".

"Default view"-tab shows the latest updated spots. You can search spot by spot name, device card fields, by folder name or by tag number.
spots default

    On the "Table view"-tab is a search field on top of every column. With these you can filter data. They make it easy to find the device you're looking for. You may search for a Spot by its name or part of the name or any attribute value, you may list Spots by folder, or even list devices by Device card ("List be device card"-tab). This will display a list of devices that are using the device card you selected and device information in question.

    list by device card

    You may arrange data tables colums in order you wish by drag and drop. Also you may hide colums or bring attributes to the datatable.

    Clicking Select saved View, you can select predefined, saved views, or device listings. These predefined views can be defined by admin (Global Views) or single user may define a view for him/herself.  Learn more about saved views here.

    You can enter part of the name of the device you are looking for under the "Name" field. This will give you a list of all the devices whose name contains the part of the word that you enter in the field. For example, "Air" adds all devices that contain that word to the list, such as AIR CONDITIONERS, HOT AIR FANS, etc.

    Saved views are stored sets of data entered in different search fields. The administrator can create an unlimited number of different Global views for the service.

    To save a view, define and organize the different columns as needed, press "Save view" --> "Create new view", then enter a name in the Name of the View section and press "Create new view".

    The administrator should make the necessary views as part of the service deployment so that users have ready-made data views that contain the information they need.

    Spot search in the mobile application

    The easiest way to find a Spot on your mobile device is to read the NFC tag with your mobile device, but if you don’t have tags enabled or are just adding a Spot to the tag, there are three ways to search for a Spot on your mobile:

    1. Press the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and type the name of the Spot or part of it in the search field. The search brings up all the spots in the name of the word or part of the word you are looking for OR
    2. Drill from the front page through the folders to the right spot OR
    3. Select from the list on the "Devices" page (Spots are listed here in alphabetical order)

    Here's how to edit data for an individual Spot:

    In the management portal:

    Find the asset whose information you want to edit (see help above).

    Either double click the data on the datatable and fill in the updated data OR open the spot by clicking the name of the spot and fill in/update the data.  "Save"

    To add press "Add Files". Then add files or images from your computer or just simply drag and drop the file.

    To delete files, click the red trash image to the right down corner of the file name.

    deleting a file
    On mobile:

    Find the asset whose information you want to edit. Go to the bottom of the device card, where the attributes (data fields) are. Click on the image of the pen on the right side and edit the desired information and press "Save"